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Our pet children were born in Warsaw, Indiana, on Sept 21st, 2007. From a litter of three we adopted the oldest and youngest; today we regret not taking the whole family. We wanted to adopt dogs strictly for companionship, not breeding or showing. Their loyalty and unconditional love has brighten our home as we prepare for our youngest (and last human child) to leave the nest.

Finneghan (Finn), the oldest, is a standard looking TFT; white body with two large black spots, a black head with tan (rusty-colored) markings above eyes and covering the entire muzzle. Echo, the youngest and smallest, is white with one small black spot below her neck and one covering her rump which flows half way up her tail. Her head is entirely black, but today is sprinkled with white. Both children possess pointed up-right ears, which droop charmingly when very tired. Finn’s eyes carry a smile, sprinkled with mischief, whereas Echo’s appear admiring but worrisome; and she’s the shiverer too. Neither are docked, and we love their curly tails.

Now at 3 years of age, Finn is a healthy 8 pounds with a muscular build, while sis, Echo is slender and petite at 5 pounds. They enjoy chasing one another around the house, or wrestling on our bed. Echo is like a princess, who usually enjoys more leisure type activities; like sleeping on mom’s lap. Finn enjoys his green toy, having it tossed about the house for maximum running and leaping and jumping.Or a healthy dose of tug-of-war makes his tail wag ninety-to-nothing. Then he finally settles down to sleep on dad or mom’s lap.

Quite smart, they understand these words: NCIS, CSI, Criminal Minds, ice cream, popcorn, brush teeth, treat, raw hide, bye-byes, outside, and potty. Of course they obey these words: come, stay, sit, and “ssttst” [means: stop].They share the house with two tabby cats and a pair of finches, which Finn likes to jump in front of to make them fly.

Since hubby made the grave error of feeding them from the table, the children enjoy sharing our food: green bean, corn, peas, salad, carrot, potato, cottage cheese, orange, apple (without skin), banana, tomato juice (not veggie), popcorn, and ice cream. However they eat their dry dog food too. It’s a nutritional balancing act that I don’t mind managing.

Finn and Echo love going to Holland, a 30 minutes drive, or on longer trips too; like to Wisconsin this past summer (2010). As long as it’s with the parents, they are ready to go.

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